Your search for a dependable townhouse builder ends right here at Trusted Building Group. Over the years, we have designed and constructed some of the best townhouses in Sydney, Wollongong, Mount Keira, and adjoining localities.

If you have subdivided land, building townhouses can be an excellent investment. Our team of industry professionals and experts can help you custom design and construct the townhouse that you want. Regardless of your budget, it is our aim to make your dream townhouse a reality.

Although many claim it, we are truly your one-stop shop. With in-house engineers and architects, strong experience with steep and tight access blocks, access to real estate, and with solid understanding of land issues, we bring a level of expertise that 90% of builders simply do not have.

To ensure the creation of a truly stunning townhouse, Trusted Building Group brings a wide range of value added solutions to you. This includes full townhouse designs, construction, labor & contractor management. Our team will always be there to provide you peace of mind.

Unlock Your Property’s True Potential

Building townhouses is an excellent way for you to revamp, as well as maximise, the value of your current home or unused plot. It can provide you an additional stream of revenue through sale or rent. Townhouses can also reduce a property owner’s recurrent costs by cutting down the maintenance costs for large gardens and lawns.

Some of the top benefits of a townhouse are their safety, reduced maintenance costs, wide variety of amenities, more efficient use of the land, affordability and more.

Why Us?

  • Uncomplicated building process from start to finish including design, documentation and construction.
  • A detailed design process covering planning, feasibility, and market analysis.
  • Initial analysis and continuous scrutiny for building townhouses with unique design.
  • Emergency arrangements and flexibility to fit the build requirements of the project.
  • Highest standard of integrity, experience and workmanship.
  • To discuss your future development projects, please get in touch with our experts.
  • Over 20 years experience