Are you looking to build your luxury home in Wollongong, Sydney, or Mount Keira? If so, Trusted Building Group is amongst the top prestige home builders in this region. We have an excellent track record of building luxury dwellings that use superior construction techniques, and bespoke designs at the most affordable price range.

We understand that a home has different meanings for different people. We are well aware of the fact that we may be building your dream, and are intent on doing whatever it takes to achieve that dream with you.

Our in-house architects, interior designers and engineers will work together to create the luxury and dream home you want. No matter the difficulty of the terrain, or the limited degree of access, we are the go-to for your building needs.

Our Luxury Home Building Process:

These are the basic start to finish steps in a Trusted Building Group home.

  • Enquiry: After receiving your enquiry, our team will work with you to construct a design brief so that we understand your needs exactly.
  • Design: We will work with you to design the house that you want, and will provide an itemised quote for the project.
  • Contract: The contract is finalised once the design plan is approved.
  • Approval: After the signing of the documents, we will begin the building phase.
  • Construction: Construction starts as soon as the approvals are obtained.
  • Handover: This is the final phase when we hand over your dream luxury home.

As an experienced local high-end builder with specialised skill, our team with over 20 years experience is well acquainted with the local market and can help you with all the necessary paperwork. We carry out extensive research to ensure that there are minimum hassles down the road when building is ready to start.