With an ever decreasing land availability, landowners are increasingly making the most out of their properties by replacing their old energy-inefficient homes with two new homes on the that same site. A typical duplex comprises of two attached dwellings built over a single land allotment. Also known as dual occupancy homes, a duplex allows an owner flexible options such as living in one and renting out the other home.

Construction of a duplex is one of the key areas of specialisation for Trusted Building Group. A duplex is an excellent alternative if you are interested in property investment to maximise your equity growth. At Trusted Building Group, we have a long tradition of building duplex homes that have yielded the best possible value for the homeowners.

Benefits of Our Duplex Homes:

  • Extra space to accommodate guests
  • An opportunity to earn extra income by renting out one (or both) properties.
  • Provide accommodation for students in your locality
  • Development of a long-term rental

Our Duplex Home Building Process:

  • Establishment of your needs, and creating a viable budget.
  • The next step involves the creation of a preliminary design based on a site visit by one of our inspectors. This preliminary design is passed on to the pricing department for the preparation of a tender.
  • Our consultant will meet you to discuss and review the initial design against your ideas.
  • Submission of the development application to the council and keeping a track of the same.

The types of specialisations we are adept with include the capacity to advise on property purchases, designing for difficult or steep terrain, and associated engineering needs.

Please contact us for more information related to our highly acclaimed duplex homes in Sydney, Wollongong, and Mount Keira.