At Trusted Building Group, we have a strong reputation as a custom-design home builder in Sydney, Wollongong, and Mount Keira. With a wealth of experience behind us, we strive to make fabulous custom-built homes that will satisfy you for life, or investment.

Our custom home designs projects can be

  • Modified versions of our standard home designs
  • A completely new custom design created based on consultation with our designers
  • Custom design by our in-house architects and engineers. We also have professional in-house interior designers that will assist bringing your dream house to life.
  • We can also suggest appropriate real estate with our land and property knowledge.

Once the design has been finalised, we will work with you to determine the most appropriate strategy for building your custom home.

Steps Involved in Our Building Process:

  • A detailed contour survey of the proposed site including the datum, all existing structures, services, adjoining dwellings, existing trees, etc.
  • Creation of custom designed floor plans, site plan, and front elevation.
  • A detailed tender document is provided to our clients after they are satisfied with the concept plan. In order to keep our costing consistent, we calculate all costs in-house.
  • Signing of the agreement form.
  • A comprehensive set of plans is submitted to the local council. Bushfire reports, hydraulic drainage design, landscaping design, and tree reports are some of the details required in these.
  • After meeting all the council requirements, a pre-contract meeting is arranged. At this stage, a final contract is presented to our clients for their approval.

Then when it comes time to actually begin construction, we source the best and most appropriate building products and services for your project. We also have long working relationships with qualified suppliers of PC items, ceramic tiles, kitchen cupboards, white goods, and much more. Our sales staff are trained to accommodate each of your unique requirements. With over 20 years experience we are confident we can deliver on your project to make your dream house come to life.

Please feel free to contact us for more details about our custom built homes.