Whether it’s your first business venture or you’re moving into a new office, how your workplace looks like will have a huge effect on your productivity and of your staff’s. In addition, the appearance of your workplace will also affect your company’s branding and the level of professionalism in the area.

It’s a huge and important decision (and costly as well) which is why it’s just good to take some time thinking about what your office should look like. The results of office fitouts are often permanent or hard to reverse. It’s perfectly normal to have doubts and require more assurances about the appearance of your future office.

Focus on function or follow the trend?

For those who are starting their first business and if the budget was a constraint, focusing on function is the way to go. As a result, it’s common to start with a small office first so that a bigger portion of the capital would actually go to starting and running the business (creating the product, crafting the service, buying the necessary equipment, marketing and administrative funds). It’s also common to start with the bare essentials to save money or put it to more worthwhile use.

Perhaps you’ve already seen cool offices (especially of huge tech companies and multinational conglomerates) that look modern and trendy. They have the financial resources to make their offices look like whatever they want. For example, more and more offices now appear to be green and natural (e.g. with bamboo walls and wooden wall panels, nature-inspired designs and an overall structure that allows as much natural light as possible). These features make the office feel less like an office but more of a home or a place to be creative.

However, small businesses have other stronger priorities and these have a lot to do with cost. Although creativity is always important, small and starting businesses have always been about getting things done and accomplishing each task as efficient as possible. Anything that doesn’t contribute to making a sale or retaining a client is a waste of time and money. This applies especially to designing an office (and take note that an office fitout could cost somewhere $300 to $2,000 per square metre, which is a very rough estimate). Every dollar should ultimately lead to producing more dollars.

We also have to consider the rising city office rents (e.g. $700 to $1,500 per square metre per annum in Sydney and Melbourne). Expect the rates to be higher in the coming years because there will be less space available as more people start or grow their businesses (more than 2 million active businesses in Australia and numbers are rising each year).

What should my office look like?

With all those concerns about costs (rent, fitout plus the initial furniture and equipment, months or even years of getting the business steady and growing), your office still requires enough attention. After all, you and your team will be staying and working in it for almost eight hours each day. A wrong early decision could cause you regret every day and for years to come.

You also want to make the right impression about your business. If your office was orderly and everything’s in the right place, you make the impression that you’re also organised in running your business. If everything had a purpose and every square metre of space was practically used, that also tells something about the business and you as the owner.

Trends come and go but function and economy will always remain. Right here when you’re planning for the layout and design of your office your entrepreneurial skills will be instantly tested. Most other people felt some level of overwhelm one way or another while setting up their businesses especially during the office fitout. The amazing thing is that the rewards are also overwhelming especially if we’re talking about the feeling of starting and building something of our own.

To help you realise that, here at Trusted Building Group we can take care of the entire office fitout. From the general layout down to where the pipes and additional outlets should be placed our experienced team will take care of it all. We understand that starting a business is stressful in itself, which is why we make the entire fitout process as smooth as possible while also controlling the costs. The goal is to make everything professional so that you can create the best image for your workplace. Contact us here today and let’s discuss your vision and requirements.