In Australia there are more than 23,000 registered dental practitioners. This number is expected to rise even further in the coming years (back in 2012 there were only 19,000+ practitioners) due to changing demographics and evolving needs and demands.

To be successful and establish a thriving practice, there are dozens of things to consider. The ultimate goal is to attract and sustain a stream of patients. This can be accomplished by having a solid reputation and years of hard work. In addition, we also have to think about upfront costs (dental fitout, equipment, supplies), traditional and online marketing, hiring personnel, finance, insurance, legal and local compliance, fixed and variable costs (rent, utilities, unexpected repairs and expenses), updating of knowledge and skills, keeping up with modern procedures and many more.

One important thing about starting a dental practice

But there’s one thing that takes up a huge cost upfront and it’s about the dental fitout. A rough estimate the number falls around $500,000 and might be a lot higher than expected because of customisations and small details. The costs could easily add up depending on your requirements and preferences.

Good thing is that in exchange, you can have a dental clinic that will reflect your professionalism. It’s crucial to project a professional image the patients can trust especially when it comes to the dental and medical field. After all, people are quick to form first impressions and those impressions are hard to delete or replace. At the start it’s critical to get it all perfect.

It’s both a challenge and a blessing to start from an empty space. The bareness provides you with a lot of options and flexibility when designing the clinic. There are also cases when starting from scratch is more cost-efficient than let’s say an established one because we have to demolish some walls and perhaps remove and reinstall some pipes, cables and other old fixtures. Either way you can still achieve perfection and make sure your practice looks professional and inviting.

It’s a huge upfront cost which is why getting it right and perfect is crucial. It’s expensive to perform major modifications later on which is why many clinics and offices get stuck with their present layout and overall design (plus the inconvenience because they have to temporarily stop with their practice during modification and renovation). As a result, it’s natural for dental practitioners to take extra time in planning the dental fitout.

Making sure the dental fitout is a success

Note that a dental fitout can cost around $2,500 per square metre (the total cost might increase indefinitely) which is why it’s important to make each square metre count (i.e. every square inch of space should have a purpose whether in terms of function or branding). It’s also important that the resulting fitout is human-centric (the patient should see it all neat and organised).

Here at Trusted Building Group we can help you with that. We already have experience in doing dental and medical fitouts which is why we’re deeply familiar with the requirements of dental practitioners. We focus both on function and style so that the clinic will look and feel professional. From entry to the dental chair, patients will always feel that they’re in good and safe hands. The entire design and feel of your clinic will perfectly complement your professionalism at work.

This is a huge decision and transition because you’re literally starting from scratch. You’ve already armed yourself with the knowledge and skills for your dental practice. However, taking care of other details is difficult and time consuming. Good thing is that you can allow us here at Trusted Building Group to take care of the dental fitout so that you can better focus on planning and executing the strategy for your dental practice.

Marketing, finance, hiring and continuous learning are still vital in ensuring a thriving dental practice. This can happen only if you can focus on the most essential tasks especially in the beginning. And also, you are still the most valuable asset your practice has. It still all depends on you and no matter how amazing the business plan is, you and your skills will be the ones the patients will first look upon.

Contact us here today at Trusted Building Group and we’ll take care of the design, layout and construction of your dental clinic. As a small team of licensed builders, architects, certifiers, engineers and designers rest assured that we’ll pay close attention to your requirements. We’re fast and efficient because of our tight team and this also translates to lower overhead costs (we pass on the savings to our clients).