Organic and natural features and designs will be the enduring trends in luxury homes. If you want your dream home to stand the test of time in terms of design, it’s almost impossible to go wrong if you choose natural.

It’s easy to achieve that by incorporating a few wood elements into the home (e.g. feature walls, wood floors). Organic and irregular shapes are also good contrasts with sharp corners and furniture pieces. It’s a curious thing why in this modern and urbanised age we crave for something natural. After all, you don’t want your home to look and feel like an office. There should be a contrast so that each environment will feel different.

Technology can also be a good thing

On the other hand, heavy technology incorporation is also good and will set a luxury home apart from the neighbours’ and rival those of the richest featured in magazines. It’s the age of smart homes wherein there are controls for everything and each of those is connected to one another.

For instance, Bill Gates’ house has a sensor system that continuously controls the temperature and lighting according to the guests as they walk throughout the house. You will be asked for your temperature and lighting preferences and as you go from one bedroom to the next, the temperature and lighting will automatically adjust. His house was featured way back in 2014 and a lot of things might have advanced or changed since then.

Modern technology often comes with a modern and sophisticated design. It’s good to go all in once you chose a design theme. It’s hard to be in the middle where your home doesn’t make a full statement. If you chose to heavily incorporate technology (with sensors, control centre and advanced security systems), your house should follow suit. If you chose to stick to the natural and organic, it’s good to have it all clear and make the guests feel the theme right when he/she first sees your house or the first time he/she steps into it.

Outdoor kitchen and cooking area

Almost any home can have that technological or natural vibe. What should you do then if you want your home to really stand out and make it look like above the most? What’s one thing that could make someone immediately say about your house: “This is something”?

Having an outdoor kitchen and cooking area is one key to that. After all, it’s not that common to have an outdoor kitchen especially if space is a constraint. Also, one way to be consistent in your luxury lifestyle is to occupy and use as much as space as possible. It’s an amazing way of feeling important and show off the fruits of your hard work. Size does matter in luxury and having an outdoor kitchen (not just a spacious kitchen indoors) will help your home stand out.

A beautiful outdoor kitchen should be able to stand on itself which is why it should be complete with a cook top, spacious food prep area, small fridge and seating areas for family and guests. It even gets better if the outdoor kitchen is beside the pool and there are a few trees and green features in the area.

Large lawn as a symbol of luxury

Let’s step back a bit and look at what’s immediately outside the main house. After all, that space presents a huge opportunity to display a luxurious lifestyle.

We’re talking about the lawn and garden. It was regarded as a symbol of European aristocracy and American luxury because people can afford to “waste” that much space for their lawns instead of using that space for the structure of their homes. This stands true until today because having a large garden tells a lot about your financial capacity.

This is not about practicality or maximising the use of each square metre of land. It’s more about what makes more sense to you given your current resources and plans for the future. You can always put additions later on whenever you want to make your home structure occupy more space. But for now, having a large garden space might be a good way to complement your luxury home design.

Luxury home design trends 2019

There you go. We hope that you got some ideas and inspirations for your dream home or investment. Perhaps while reading this article, a few of the phrases above sparked some bright ideas that you can use while planning for your luxury dwelling.

The ideas and designs mentioned are more than just trends because they’re likely to stay for years and decades to come. In addition, you can always apply some changes and renovations that will better match the prevailing trends and your lifestyle. There’s no need to stick to a trend for decades because you can always reinvent yourself and adapt your home accordingly.

But still, it’s important to get things right and that’s what we do here at Trusted Building Group. Our experience in completing high-end residential projects have made us the top choice of clients coming from Sydney, Wollongong and overseas. Contact us today and let’s discuss your exciting vision.