If you’re about to embark on a commercial project, it’s important that you select a builder that is up to the task. Get it wrong, and you could face significant delays, unwanted stress and endless frustration.

At Trusted Building, we have specialised in commercial building since our company was established. We know the ins and outs of the industry, and we guarantee customer satisfaction and value for money with every project big or small. In this blog post, we’ll be highlighting 5 important considerations when choosing a commercial builder in Sydney.

  1. Experience

Building a home and building a commercial premise are two very different things. Commercial building requires a specialised set of skills, deep knowledge of local council regulations and many years of experience. With 10+ years’ experience working on countless commercial projects, Trusted Building aim to exceed all client expectations. We have close relationships with local councils which allow for faster development approval, as well as an extensive network of tradespeople to call upon for assistance.

Choosing an experienced company means your project will progress smoothly, minimising the risk of delays and setbacks. Dealing with developers, councils, building owners, architects, tenants and tradespeople is something we do every day, and we have built a formidable reputation for quality and reliability.

  1. Project Scope

Commercial projects can vary in complexity, so try to look for a commercial builder with a strong portfolio of completed works. At Trusted Building, we specialise in medical, retail and office fit outs. We also have the skills to work on large scale commercial projects such as factory extensions.

  1. Licenses and Qualifications

Some types of commercial jobs require specialised licenses. It is a requirement for all commercial builders in NSW to hold an appropriate licence. Additionally, various tradespeople such as bricklayers, builders, carpenters, decorators, electricians, plumbers and more will need to hold licences. Every member of staff and contractor at Trusted Building has gone through backgrounds checks and holds all applicable licences, giving you the confidence that your job will be carried out with the utmost skill and attention to detail.

It is always a good idea to clarify which licences your commercial building company holds prior to making a decision, as different projects have different requirements.

  1. References

Nothing imparts confidence more than a good report or reference from someone you trust. Placing a contractor in charge of a large commercial project is a big decision, but it’s a lot easier to make that decision if others have had a great experience.

You may like to ask your commercial builder for a list of previous clients, you can then carry out research on the build and ask about their experience working with the contractor. Important questions to ask include:

Trusted Building are more than happy to provide information about our past projects, and you should be wary of any company who is unwilling to provide this information.

  1. Rapport

Commercial projects can take months to complete, so you need to be sure that you and the contractor will work well together. At Trusted Building, we take great pride in our high level of customer service. We operate with honesty and integrity, and the client always comes first.

We welcome all enquiries, with the aim of getting to know you and your desires so that we can deliver the best possible result. Whether you are a property investor or business owner, we are your trusted partner for building success.


Trusted Building Group – The Team You Can Trust

It never makes sense to rush a decision when it comes to commercial building, and by taking the above considerations into account you can alleviate potential stress and financial worries down the track.

If you want your project to progress smoothly, on budget and on time, you need to work with a team you can trust. Contact Trusted Building Group today – we would love to play a part in building your dream.